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St. Roberto Lepetit n.8
20124 Milan (MI)

Phone: +39 02 49703416

About Us

Lux Lab Consulting Srls has as its object the following activities:

- Offers managerial, strategic, entrepreneurial, administrative-management and business planning consultancy on business development and restructuring and on the start-up phases, including the search and coordination of advisors for legal assistance - administrative in the context of corporate restructuring operations, acquisition and / or sale of companies, company branches, shareholdings, trademarks, patents and real estate complexes;

- It develops, on its own and / or on behalf of third party investors, initiatives aimed at creating business opportunities supported by innovative patents with particular reference to IT (digital innovation) and / or industrial projects to be submitted to financial entities and / or venture capital funds;

- Coordinates a network of relationships with companies, professional firms and funds for the research of private and / or public investors.

Lux Lab Consulting can also carry out real estate, commercial, industrial and financial passive transactions as long as these activities are not carried out towards the public, it can also grant sureties and guarantees of any kind in favor of third parties, including non-shareholders, as well as directly transfer o indirectly interests in other companies or enterprises, established or being constituted, having a similar, similar or in any case connected object to its own, not for the purpose of further transfer and in compliance with Article 2361 of the Italian Civil Code and provided that this activity does not prevail over the corporate purpose and is not carried out towards the public. "